Faye Fitzgerald’s work is an inspiration and a beacon to knowledge of a high order…


As both a teacher and an individual, Faye Fitzgerald is an inspiration and a beacon to knowledge of a high order. Embodying the teachings of her system of energetic training, she encompasses a tangible example of what it means to attain a greater potential in both the far reaching realms of spirit and the grounded daily living of what it means to live in courtesy, generosity, joy and truth.

E.S. – Montreal, Quebec

It was really circumstance that brought me to the Training – a friend was doing it and I didn’t want to be left out.


And so my Journey began … Right from Level 1, I felt my family’s belief systems that had held me hostage for so long, begin to dissipate. I found a passion and love for life that has transformed not only my life but my children’s as well. I feel I’m a better person and a healthier parent. I’m excited about life in a way I could never have imagined.


This may not be what Spirituality means to others, but for me, taking Level I was the start of my true spiritual journey. This work has changed my life in every way. As a teacher of this work, I can share it with others, to perhaps create a happier world where we stop terrorizing ourselves and connect to the goodness within us all.

E.S. – Victoria, British Columbia

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